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Hey there! My name is Anne and I am a fulltime student with writing as a side hobby. I love writing travel journals and about my experiences as a student, and the occasional restaurant review, which you can read on my blog page here, and I started this as a way to become a better writer. I am based in Boston, Massachusetts. My favorite food is fettuccine alfredo, and in my opinion, an Italian restaurant reviewer must ALWAYS try the fettuccine alfredo before confirming their rating. Sometimes I post book reviews too, who knows? I am fairly new to the freelance game, and if you have any tips or suggestions feel free to list them in my contact page here. Also, make sure to bookmark this blog and follow me on my newly created twitter, @annewritesaton where I talk about food, stressors, and more!

This was taken at Christ Church in Oxford, England. You may recognize it as where the Great Hall in Harry Potter was filmed! You can read more about my trip and some England survival tips for the American here.